Top 7 Best Drilling Machines In India 2019 Reviews & Buying Guide
A drilling machine is a utility tool that is generally used in the construction industry. They come in different sizes and types, manual and computer controlled etc. But drilling machines can also be used as a potential home improvement and repairing tool and in this article we are here with the best drilling machines that you can buy online in India especially for home use.A drilling machine is a utility tool that is generally used in the construction industry. They come in different sizes and types, manual and computer controlled etc. But drilling machines can also be used as a potential home improvement and repairing tool and in this article we are here with the best drilling machines that you can buy online in India especially for home use.

A drilling machine can be used for any DIY project or yours which involves drilling holes on concrete walls or any kind of metallic surfaces. It can help you assemble furniture all by yourself and can also act as a potential screwdriver for any kind of screwdriving needs. Be it any type of surface, it can take care of anything and investing in one is a smart decision if it's going to save both your time and money by automating your whole work!

Nowadays they vary widely in type, size and performance. The very recent ones in the market have ditched the old lead batteries and have come up with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, amplified charger, dual battery support, light-weight and easy-to-grip designs like pistol drill grip, hammer drill grip and much more for added support.
With so many options to choose from and various things to keep under consideration, if you are a beginner you might get puzzled. You might be looking for a high-speed high-power model or a light-weight low-power model that will fit your budget. Experienced or not, we will suggest you go through our "Buying Guide" which will help you narrow down your options according to your personal need and budget ro best drill machine in india.

Also, we have listed some of the greatest budget friendly drilling machines available in India right now. These are listed after proper research by our expert team, 96 hours of hand on experiments and consulting with their users online. Choose any one as you simply can't go wrong with any of them.

Top 7 Best Drilling Machines India Drilling Machine Weight (Approx.) Wattage Warranty Buy NowBosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit 1.5 kg 500 Watt 6 months Check the Price Black & Decker KR554RE Reversible Hammer Drill Machine 1.99 kg 550 Watt 6 months Check the PriceBosch GSB RE 450 Watt Kit 1.5 kg 450 Watt 6 months Check the PriceCheston Cordless Drill / Screwdriver 1.5 kg 500 Watt 6 months Check the PriceiBELL Cordless Driver Drill CD12-74 1.3 kg 300 Watt 6 months Check the PriceKHADIJA HI-MAX 400W Drill Machine 1.2 kg 400 Watts 6 months Check the PriceFoster FPD-010A Pistol Grip Drill Machine 1.5 kg 450 Watts 3 months Check the Price Best Drilling Machines for Home Use in India for 2019 Reviews1. Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit
Professional or a beginner if you are passionate about crafting DIY projects or fixing / repairing household furniture, toys, drilling holes to hang favorite pictures, then this Bosch Professional tool kit is for you.
Compared to other branded iron drilling machine types, it is very easy to maintain, and also consumes low power. For this reason, we've given Bosch as one of the best drilling toolkits in India.

The compact design minimizes the difficulty in working small spaces and performing overhead tasks. With just 1.5 kg or weight it is light, portable and provides a stress-free and comfortable working experience
As many as 100 pieces of accessories come with the kit to support home and commercial requirements. They include claw hammer, adjustable wrench, socket wrench, spirit level, adjustable knife, screws and plugs, nut / screwdriver bit holder, key chuck, pliers along with 4 metal drill bits, 5 wood drill bits, 5 masonry drill bits. You also get a tool kit for well organized and easy carrying options.

The forward / reverse mode allows quick shifting between clockwise / anticlockwise directions based on the type of work you assemble. Electronic control technology guides you to drill with precision by adjusting the pilot you drill.
Using a rotating brush plate, you can move forward / back when switched to forward and reverse modes while screw driving, and facilitate facilitating an easy rotary action. Also, the Bosch drilling machine comes with a convenient switch to lock the current speed. This feature helps to maintain a constant speed and is beneficial for the beginners.
To recapitulate, this Bosch hand drill machine gives you the freedom to work conveniently and stress-free anytime, and anywhere. It is a complete package with powerful performance, user-friendly features, solid build quality and hundreds or different tool kits. Moreover, customer reviews are fantastic and the prices are very less compared to other brands.
What made us disappointed is the absence of user-friendly manual and the power cord length is too small where you need to use an extension in most cases.

Operates maximum at 2600 RPM. Ergonomic grip and handle design. Backed with 6-month warranty. Forward and reverse functionality. 500 watts input and 250 watts output
power. instruction manual. Buy Now From Amazon
2. Black & Decker KR554RE Reversible Hammer Drill Machine
Over the years, Black and Decker have become famous for bringing high quality products with innovative designs at cheap rates.
The reversible hammers brings the joy of doing DIY projects, fixing broken toys and any kind of household furniture, drilling holes on walls, wooden surfaces to hang your choice of pictures or wall hangings.
This Black and Decker hammer drill machine comes in a lightweight and ergonomic design with rubberized handle to provide better gripping options and even reduce the strain on arms while working for longer per
It comes with powerful tools and accessories such as auxiliary handle, corrosion-free 13 mm chuck key, corded cable, and 4 drill bits to match the user requirements. Dual mode option - rotary mode for drilling into wooden / metal surfaces and hammering mode to drill through concrete, can be accessed with a single tap on the switch at the top.
It can perform drilling in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, helps to drive the drilling machine out of the surface smoothly without creating any damage. The 20 inch gauge acts as a scale in measuring drilling depth to get that precise drilling every time.

Using the lock on button, you can monitor the drilling speed when used continuously for a long time. The machine has a 550 watt powerful motor with variable speed control settings to change depending on your task. Also, it has an insulated shock proof plastic body which protects against shocks or system failure.

Overall, this drilling machine is suitable for home use as well as hard-core drilling tasks, performs all sort of works from DIY projects to repairing furniture, comes with dual functions, variable speed settings, forward and reverse action, also the price is on the lower side if you look at its features. Also, with 6 months or comprehensive warranty this is totally the best budget drilling machine in India. The major drawback with this model is the average quality bits which are not effective for concrete drilling.

Black and Decker is also available as 10mm at very low prices for repairing and fixing in homes.

Affordable price rangeRobust bodyRotating and hammering actionVariable speed settingsReverse functionErgonomic and lightweight design550 watts or powerful motor6 months of manufacturing warrantyMultipurpose usage - wood, metal or steel and concreteNegatives
Cable short in length.Average quality bits Buy Now From Amazon
3. Bosch GSB RE 450 Watt Kit 
If you are looking for an electric drill machine to help you with carpentry, plumbing and building works, then you must have this Bosch drilling machine at home. They work well on commercial crafting like garden furniture, shopping malls, restaurants, villas, etc.

This amazing product saves energy and yet delivers high performance while working on it. It comes with multiple accessories to support on concrete, steel and wood walls. You get a whole bunch of bits - 4 concrete, 4 metal and 4 wood bits with 6, 8 and 10 mm diameter which will cover any drilling job around your home and working fields.
The ergonomically designed body is made of MS and plastic is robust, lightweight and easy to handle. For better portability, the whole set comes in a nylon carrying case.

It performs a hassle-free smooth function with a load speed of 0-2600 RPM. A powerful motor of 450 watts can drill on wood, metal and concrete surfaces with equal efficiency. It is possible to remove old plugs and nails embedded in the wall. The cushioned grip provides a comfortable and firm grip for a long period of actions.

Switch to forward / reverse modes, with just one click and get desired length drilling, press the reverse button to pull the machine out of the surface automatically. There is also a button to select between hammering and screwing modes. Continue with one constant drilling speed with the lock speed button, this is very helpful for beginners to get control over speed.

To conclude, this Bosch drilling machine kit in India comes at reasonable prices so a limited budget user can invest in this model without having a second thought. Bosch drill machine reviews are good and are backed with 6-month warranty services from the date of purchase.
The only disadvantage of using this product is the device gets heated up quickly due to the poor build quality. Also, some people have complained that the device is not very suitable for heavy workloads. Other than that, it adds great value to the money you pay for. The quality, 3 different sets of bits and features are truly worth the price.

This Bosch drilling machine is also available in 13 mm or drilling diameter to support greatly on concrete walls.

Very economical to buy.Made or plastic and metal.Robust and powerful motor.450-watt or operating power.Different sized bits and screws.6 months or manufacturing warranty.Useful for small household activities.Lightweight and portable drilling machine.Negatives
Build quality is not up to the mark. Not suited for very heavy workloads.
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