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Best Yoga Mats in India

Whether you are a newbie to yoga or a seasoned yoga expert, a good quality yoga mat is a useful tool that can enhance your performance and postures.Whether you are a newbie to yoga or a seasoned yoga expert, a good quality yoga mat is a useful tool that can enhance your performance and postures.

A yoga mat helps by providing proper traction and cushioning and reducing the stress on your joints. It also increases your stability and prevents you from slipping when your body gets sweaty.

But, when it comes to choosing a yoga mat, you must have a clear idea of your priorities and choose a mat that is suit your requirements. If you travel frequently, then a lightweight and rollable yoga mat is best for you. If you are more concerned about the stress on your joints, then it’s important to check the thickness and texture of the mat. Also, it is a must to avoid mats made using toxic materials.

In this article we have created a “quick guide” on how to choose a yoga mat and compiled a list of some of the best yoga mats available in India.

Best Yoga Mats in IndiaBest Yoga Mats Size Thickness Buy NowBodyBand Yoga Mat 72*24 Inches 6 mm Check the PriceKobo NBR Yoga Mat 72*24 Inches 8 mm Check the PriceStrauss Yoga Mat 68*24 Inches 6 mm Check the Pricei-Heir Yoga Mat 72*24 Inches 6 mm Check the PriceIron Warrior Yoga Mat 72*26 Inches 10 mm Check the PriceThe Best Yoga Mats Reviews1. BodyBand Eco Friendly Exercise Meditation Yoga Mat BODYYOGA Eco Friendly Exercise Meditation Mat BODYYOGA Eco Friendly Exercise Meditation Mat
This premium quality BodyBrand yoga mat is a great choice for travellers and comes at reasonable prices to offer comfort, fine gripping throughout the usage. For this reason, we’ve given top priority in the list of best yoga mats in India.

Compared to other yoga mat brands, it is made of eco-friendly TPE material, SGS approved and available in cylindrical shape to match with the customer’s requirements. Moreover, it is absolutely free from latex and other metals so you can express body in different styles. 

What is included? 
Premium yoga matTowel andCarry bagThis non-slip yoga mat is 50% thicker than other popular brands to prevent the injuries and stay strong while performing difficult stretches. The double-side texture with customized options makes it possible to use yoga mat on 2 sides for reducing the slippery zone and offers the extra cushion to enjoy the workouts.
Once you finished yoga or doing exercises, wrap the mat to carry effortlessly to yoga classes and other locations. This product weighs 1000 grams and is available in mint blue colour with 72*24 inch dimensions.

Yoga Mat Washing Instructions 
You need to wash yoga mat with liquid soap or alcohol thoroughly and allow it to dry before using for the first time.Instead, you can also use dish soap or hypoallergenic laundry detergents for mild cleaning and better gripping options.It is recommended to use 1 tbsp (15 ml) of detergent for every 1 gallon of water.Wrapping up, BodyBrand Yoga Mat is made of eco-friendly materials to offer decent performance without getting hurt. It offers fine gripping and 6mm thickness is good for knee support. The only disadvantage is the carry bag may tear quickly due to the poor quality material and also customer’s complaint that the yoga mat doesn’t fit into the carry bag properly.
Has better gripping options.Available in mint blue colour.Suitable to use all year round.100% non-toxic and safe to use.Highly Waterproof and eco-friendly to protect the yoga mat.Made of TPE material (10X better than PVC and NBR) to offer comfort and last longer.
Poor quality carry bag. Buy Now From Amazon
2. Kobo NBR Multi-use Athletica Yoga Mat for Men and WomenKobo NBR Multi-use Athletica Yoga Mat for Men and Women
If you are doing yoga on the floor without any protection then you are more likely prone to bacteria and germs. A one-stop solution is by using Kobo Yoga Mat at home and other yoga centers.
It is made of eco-friendly NBR materials which is durable and has exceptional resilience (flexible nature) for performing several activities like stretches, squats, roll up, etc.
The slip-proof and waterproof design helps to practice different exercises without the fear of falling and slipping from the mat.
The soft cushion protects your knees, elbows, hips from getting hurt while doing exercises. Because of the user-friendly design and lightweight, you can easily pick up the yoga mat strap and keep it in the desired location to start exercising.

To summarize, the performance of Kobo Yoga Mat is good and best to use for both men and women.  It comes in 3 different colour combinations – black, blue, red and 8mm/15mm sizes to match with the customer requirements.
Those who’ve already used yoga mat say that extra softness makes difficult to perform heavy yoga asana and results in severe injuries. Further, it smells too bad if you do not wash frequently and the manufacturer did not provide carrying straps to shift yoga mat from location to another.
Very easy to clean and maintain.No absorbent and highly durable.Available in 72*24 inch (6*2 feet) size.Made of High density NBR foam material to offer fine gripping.Slip-proof and water proof design to protect from injuries.
Smells so bad.No carry straps provided.Extra softness makes uncomfortable while doing power yoga. Buy Now From Amazon
3. Strauss Yoga MatStrauss Yoga Mat
If you do not have even floor to do yoga and other stretches then it’s recommended to buy Strauss Yoga Mat. This wonderful yoga mat is padded with PVC foam material for comfortable usage and ensures there is no damage to knees, arms, and legs.

In contrast with other yoga mat brands, it is highly spacious and has longer lifespan. To add on, it is sweat absorbent and smell-resistant too. That’s why given in the list of best yoga mat brands in India.
This Strauss yoga mat is fabricated using 3 layers – textured top layer for maximum gripping, memory foam layer to secure, and stabilize the body movements. Further, the anti-skid proof design prevents from skidding where you don’t fall in the middle of workouts.
You can easily roll up and store as it occupies very little space. The even base offers fine gripping on the floor and your mat won’t move or curl while doing exercises.

The carrying bag is made of nylon material and is available in 28*6.5 inch dimensions. It comes with full-zip closure for easy opening/closing and to place yoga mat effortlessly. A separate pocket is also included to store smartphones, Ipod and headsets, etc.

To recapitulate, Strauss yoga mat has all the features and functionalities to use for multi-purposes. Although it comes at cheap rates offers top-notch performance to the customers who buy online. What we did not like is the mat is made of average build quality as a result the yoga mat torn out quickly. Apart from that, it is not suitable for those whose height is just 6 feet or above.

Non-slip bottom.Shock absorption nature.Offers padding and support.High compression resistance.PVC foam material to support yoga asanas.Easy to roll up and store in different locations.Available in blue and pink colour combinations.4/6mm thickness of yoga mat is perfect for workouts and floor exercises.CONS:
Average build quality.Not recommended for  6 feet tall people. Buy Now From Amazon
4. i-Heir 6 mm Thick Yoga Mat with Stitched Edges i-Heir 6mm Thick High-Density Anti-Tear Exercise Power Yoga Mat 
When it comes to choosing the right-sized yoga mat, you must definitely look at i-Heir Yoga Mat. This i-Heir yoga mat is simple yet comes in lightweight design for easy storing and transporting.

Unlike other yoga mats, it has got stitched edges to ensure longer life. And the 72*24-inch yoga mat is perfect for doing all types of yoga and exercises for different aged people – teens, adults, and elders.
The high-density material with 6mm thickness makes comfortable to difficult exercises and supports spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.

Moisture resistant technology makes the mat easy to wash with liquid soap and water without any damage. The double side non-slip surfaces acts as an excellent slip-resistant and prevents the injuries.
You don’t need to worry about the product as it comes at reasonable prices to buy yoga mat online without any delay.
To conclude, the performance of i-Heir yoga mat is good and best to use for different age group people. If you do not like the yoga mat replace with new one within the specified time duration.  The only disadvantage is not suitable to use for people with excess sweat.

Suitable for adults.Comes at cheap rates.Easy to store and transport.Stitched edges for long life.Lightweight and portable design.Non-slippery bottom for better grip.Available in different sizes and shapes.CONS:
Not recommended for people with excessive sweat. Buy Now From Amazon
5. Iron Warrior 10 mm Thickness Sturdy Exercise Yoga MatIRON WARRIOR 10mm Yoga Mat
Finally, we end up with Iron Warrior Yoga Mat. This Indian brand has 12 years hands on experience in the industry and is committed to provide standard customer support services.

This yoga mat helps to relieve from stress and occupies less space in a room. Hence, it is perfect for beginners, yoga practitioners and teachers as well.

Compared to regular yoga mats, Iron warrior yoga mats does not cause allergies, leave footprints and is very easy to clean.

Benefits of Iron Warrior Yoga Mat 
Whether you are a newbie or expert, a good quality yoga mat is a useful to enhance the performance and postures. Given below are some of the possible benefits of Iron Warrior yoga mat. Have a look!

This type of yoga mat is mostly preferred in gyms for its quality and safety.The extra thickness of yoga mat is responsible for doing asanas and other exercises without hurting the knee.The sturdy and long-lasting mat is made of foam material so it will not tear out as long as 1-3yrs depending on the usage.It is available in size 6*2 feet to do surya namaskar and other yoga postures effortlessly. Doing surya namaskar regularly strengthens the body, heart muscles, promotes weight loss, and cures blood pressure.

Furthermore, it increases the stability and prevents you from slipping when the body gets sweaty. It does not use rubber material and hence there are less chances of causing the allergies.
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